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Final FASStasy Set For FASS GraduAIDs

Graduating students from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences can expect something exciting this year to mark the end of their undergraduate life in NUS. For the first time in FASS history, a party

NUS iGraduAID Aims To Touch More Lives

At 20 years of age, Sarah Lavinia Joseph has never had a day off. To the second-year psychology student at the National University of Singapore, part-time work has always been part and parcel of

Bricks and Bouquets

Bricks and Bouquets gives you the lowdown on the latest gossip and happenings of the week. To the noteworthy and inspiring stories and individuals (or just the ones that make us happy), we offer

Our Picks (aka your personal procrastination guide)

Book – Grimm’s Fairy Tales This collection of traditional fairy stories is the perfect light reading to dip in and out of for a break between mid-terms and essays.In 1812 the Brothers

DIY: Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Would you believe me if I said you could whip up a chocolate cake without having to bake it? If the answer’s no, let the experts from SortedFood prove you wrong. The five-strong kitchen

10 Things You Didn’t Know: The Hunger Games

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read the books, do note that some of the below points discuss plot

Double Shots: Youtube Music Duos

Boyce Avenue, Sam Tsui and David Choi – these are just a few of the Average Joes Turned Video Stars on YouTube who leave us thanking God for our timely existence in the ‘Broadcast

Electronic Music Lab presents: The Hive

For this year’s NUS Arts Festival, Electronic Music Lab presents to you The Hive, a fantastic line-up of original electronic compositions. Taking place on a Wednesday, March 14 at the University Cultural Centre Dance

Cancer Stricken Teen’s ‘Love Story’

Kevin McGuire was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was only 13. He battled it throughout high school, enduring chemotherapy and spinal taps. Eventually he beat the disease, but tragically had a relapse. However, onlinemexican online
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