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What My Quarter Life Crisis Taught Me

“I am on the verge of graduating with a degree with NUS –the Holy Grail of Singapore Education is just within reach – but why do I feel so unfulfilled, lost and confused? What

6 Singaporean Dishes For the Gastronomically Adventurous Exchange Student

6 Singaporean Dishes For the Gastronomically Adventurous Exchange Student

Are you an exchange student in Singapore? Clueless as to how to navigate the bevy of delicacies available for your palate? Aletheia Tan helps you out by highlighting the top 6 must-try local dishes!   Rojak. Desserts

Bringing Runway To The School’s Walkway

As the New Year rolls in, Insomniac’s fashion writer, Chermaine Lee explores clothes options for the campus-going individual and the various ways to jazz it all up! As we bid farewell to controversial fashion

Looking Back: Top 10 Memes of 2012

As we enter the New Year, it is time to take a look back to some of the most notable memes of 2012. Memes that have left us in stitches, memes that have brought

Some Highly Anticipated Movies of 2013 in Singapore

Clueless about 2013′s movie offerings? Insomniac’s Lifestyle writer, Irina Tjahjana brings you in-depth into the hottest picks of the year ahead! 1. Iron Man 3 Tony Starks; genius playboy philanthropist billionaire. With dashing good looks and

Behind the Filters: Instagram

Even to the most technologically clueless, shamelessly backward dinosaur (see: Me), Instagram would be no stranger. Instagram is an application that allow users to apply a digital filter over an image to render a

The rise and fall of New Year resolutions

It’s a brand new year and everyone is entering 2013 with all sorts of hopes and aspirations. Yet as the year proceeds, the demands of school, family, your social life, and other commitments will

Chichen Itza

Into 2013

And so the Mayan’s prediction of the world end was a hoax. We didn’t die when 21 December 2012 arrived. Interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecy, which speculated that the world end when Korean hit Gangnam onlinemexican online
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