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Insomniac x Nicholas Tan, Project Director of O-Week 2013

This is no rags to riches story, but Nicholas tells his own earnest tale of giving back to his faculty. Nicholas Tan, a Year 3 CNM major, is the upcoming project director for orientation

Insomniac x Athena Michael and Bernard Sim

In 2013, local politics once again dominated the news, from the Punggol East by-elections to the hotly debated White Paper. In light of such discussions Insomniac brings you special double interview. Both hailing from

A first-hand look at the River Safari

PSSST. You. Yes, you. Have you heard about Wildlife Reserves’ Singapore’s latest up-and-coming venture, the River Safari? Oh tosh, I’m sure you have. After all, it is where the giant pandas, Kai Kai

What it means to live in the age of confessions

If you’ve never heard of NUS Confessions, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Get out from under that rock now. NUS Confessions is a Facebook page on which administrators – who are anonymous as

Life on Exchange – First Impressions: Lund, Sweden

Going on exchange is probably something that many students look forward to in their university life – a chance to take a break from the endless studying in NUS by spending a semester

Series: Guide to Hawkerlicious Food!

Series: Guide to Hawkerlicious Food!

Every year when Food Hunt comes around, we are stuck on what to offer to our participants. So naturally, we come up with a list of good food that we swear by. Without further

Musings at NUS Arts Festival 2013: Behind the Scenes with “Mirror.Moon”

At the National University of Singapore (NUS), the NUS Arts Festival is the flagship arts event of the year, showcasing the artistic talents of its student population. Organised by NUS Centre for the Arts

The Valentine’s Day You Never Knew About

Who knew Saint Valentine would have a day or even an entire season (of love) dedicated to him? Well if you’re thinking White Valentine’s Day on 14th March, I applaud your general knowledge, except onlinemexican online
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