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5 different ways to relieve stress


The time has come again for us to bury our heads beneath piles and piles of textbooks and readings. Finals are just right around the corner, and even I, the writer, am having trouble squeezing in time to write this article amidst my final submissions for the semester. (It’s okay though, because I enjoy writing anyway.)

If you have somehow stumbled upon this page, by accident or not, why not take an additional five-minute break from the one you were already in the middle of? I’m here to propose some unusual methods for managing your stress, and though not all may work for everyone, each method is worth a try.

1. Lie on the floor and be a cockroach

As phrased so beautifully by someone who is evidently experienced in stress management, lying on the floor and waving your arms and legs like a cockroach can be very, I quote, “therapeutic and nice”.

This is a method I personally have not tried, but am agreeable to giving a shot if my own stress-coping methods ever fail me.

When you’re so stressed out, and at your

wits’ end, what harm is there in being a little silly? Just make sure you do this behind closed doors, lest you traumatize any unassuming passers-by who publicly chance upon your flailing body.

2. Do jump shots on Town Green

Step one: Grab a group of your study buddies.

Step two: Grab one of their smart phones.

Step three: Grab a stranger.

Step four: Go to Town Green, and JUMP!

The number of people in your jump shot is positively correlated with the amount of adrenaline rush you’ll get. The more people jumping, the harder it is to get everyone in the air. It’s likely that you’ll end up jumping many times, and the adrenaline rush can ease some of the stress that has been weighing down on you.

3. Give your parents a hug each

For those who are not usually so intimate with your parents, this one might be a little difficult to muster. It would be rather awkward to embrace someone whom you usually communicate with through single-words, grunts or yelling.

Still, this is something that I believe could be immensely therapeutic. Give it a try, and hope for the best. Chances are, they’d appreciate the thought, even if they are usually unwilling to make physical contact.

4. Collectively shout out of the window

Interestingly, this is a Swedish campus tradition. Every night at 10pm, Swedish students open their windows and scream for several minutes. Apparently this helps to reduce stress.

If you’re staying on campus, you could try

this out. During a nightly mugging session, ask the rest of your neighbours staying in your block to open their windows and scream at a fixed time. Carefully coordinate this; you don’t want to be screaming on your own and end up being more stressed out by the embarrassment.

5. Take a bubble bath with scents

“I don’t like bubbles,” said no one ever. Bubble baths are equivalent to happiness in a tub, and taking half an hour or so to frolic in this warm, bubbly goodness won’t hurt. There is just something so wonderfully enchanting and enhancing about taking a bubble bath, an activity that I initially always believed was meant for children only.

Truth be told, bubble baths become more necessary as you grow older. After a long day of lectures, project meetings, and presentations, nothing really beats lying in a sea of bubbles, scented candles surrounding the bathtub. It is probably the most effective and instantaneous relief of stress among these five methods.

By: Jo-Ann Tan

Editor: Cherie Anne Lian

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