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We brew the best kind of coffee.

A New Chapter

Most of us stride into

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2013, an ambivalent mixture of hope and fear. Perhaps some, still holding onto the treasures and achievements of yesteryear, and others, turning our backs firmly upon failures and disappointments.

For Insomniac, 2012 was its extreme makeover, a fresh digital face for and by the students of FASS. I had wanted Insomniac Digital to straddle across the myriad of stereotypes given to this faculty by listening and presenting voices unheard – and thus the helming of FASS Personalities.


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especially, has taught me that writing is a form of accountability. Unlike thoughts that toss and turn in the mind, words, inked or typed, are borne of another purpose and responsibility – to inform and to be shared. We know the power of the mass media. Likewise, writers acknowledge and exercise the power of expressed thought. Stephen King has said this of words – “shrink[ing] things that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no more than living size when they’re brought out”. Couple that with an audience in mind, an article, be it one on lifestyle or one of political discourse, takes more than skill. I thank my writers for displaying vulnerability and passion in their prose, and the understanding that the truth of what they say and how they say it matters.

To the extent that these have been achieved, I am confident that Insomniac in 2013 will emulate and surpass our expectations. May Insomniac grow from the few lone voice of our writers, to the many of the student body!

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