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A (whimsical) Cafe “How To” Guide.

We all want that Parisian cafe experience. Sipping coffee (or your choice beverage) and nibbling artisanal desserts, on the sidewalk under a perfect blue sky & accompanied by cool breezy weather, making up life stories for the people that walk past…

In Singapore, the humidity usually discourages alfresco dining. I’d choose the option of air-con whenever pampered-ly possible. Yet, happily, the weather hasn’t stopped the cafe scene from being as hipster /quirky / quaint/And especially tasty as possible. So what Singapore lacks in cooling breeze, we make up for in fully functioning air-con and quirky indoor ambiance. ^^


Ale’s Guide to chillaxing in a cafe
(Also, A romanticized version in anticipation for Valentine’s day.)

1. Wear your quirkiest threads. (I have a friend that likes to embarrass the company he’s in, more often than not he embarrasses his girlfriend, by proudly wearing his drop-crotch harem pants. He does it with an extra dose of swag. Do the same.) Or be nondescript, and

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channel all your quirkiness into one badge pinned to your tee shirt. Or rock any outfit with kick ass shoes, and a vintage bag you dug up from your childhood. Nothing is sexier than having enough confidence to be yourself. If you love it, wear it.

2. Bring a book. Sit, sip, nibble, read and lose yourself in a different world. I do not suggest this as a couple’s valentine date activity, unless you both are cute literary bookworm students and like to have intense conversations psychoanalyzing characters in books. (If you are, I would love to meet you, Hello.)

3. Make up elaborately detailed life stories for everyone within a 15m radius of you. Use code names. If you can draw, draw. If you can’t draw then sketch a mind map / pie chart/ amusing graph of their fictional lives on a napkin. This is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

4. Have a conversation. Talk to a friendly faced stranger, talk to the bored staff in the cafe, talk to your v-day date. Rank yourself on how good a conversationalist you are in a scale of one to Ellen DeGeneres.

5. If in a company of four (aka double dates on Valentines’ day), play bridge. For a mindtease, alternate between bridge & hearts. Allow things to get competitive. Dear Exchange students, learn how to the play ‘Big Two’ also more popularly known as ‘Tai Di’ from a Singaporean! Card games are infinitely more engaging than everyone busying themselves with their phones.

6. A word about phones. In my opinion, phone breaks are only allowed for instagraming fleeting transient moments. For example, when the artisanal slice of pie is served and looks delish and picture perfect, I will not blame you for whipping out your phone, slapping on some filters like badly done makeup and instagramming it for the world to see. HOWEVER, if you instagram your Starbucks cup one more time I will stab you with a fork. When one culprit picks up his or her phone to answer a message, it eventually comes to a point when the rest will gaze into their phone screen pretending to be occupied, in order to avoid awkward silence. Phone checking is very un-sexy and a huge no-no for Valentines’ day.

So go forth and enjoy all the cafes in the world. You can start with a cafe in Singapore, starting with my personal spotlight for *drumroll please*…

Windowsill Pies

Windowsill Pies In The Woods is a cafe along Horne road, and a trip down promises to be time well spent. The artisan handmade pies look beautiful and taste even better than they look. The staff are friendly and the woodsy, forest-y interior deco is a breath of fresh air. When I’m there, I almost feel like I could be taking a stroll in the woods. For goodness sake, they have a TREE inside their cafe! And all the other tiny details make the experience utterly whimsical.

Check them out on facebook!
Hint: They have a delightful Valentines’ day promotion going on, so couples who are still looking for the perfect place to celebrate love, why not go over and have a romantic picnic In The Woods? ;)

Editor: Cherie Anne Lian

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