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Bricks and Bouquets

Bricks and Bouquets gives you the lowdown on the latest gossip and happenings of the week. To the noteworthy and inspiring stories and individuals (or just the ones that make us happy), we offer bouquets. To the ones that make us frustrated or disappointed, we throw bricks. Join Gia Phua as she dishes out scoops from around the world!

Bricks & Bouquets

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s new single sings possibility of reunion

We all know the story behind these two and we’ve just found out that they’ve got two new songs out. By releasing two collaborations of sexually charged remixes of songs, “Turn Up The Music,” and “Birthday Cake”, Rihanna and Chris Brown shocked the world and are basically telling everyone that all has been forgiven and forgotten. But honestly, any clear headed person will tell them that spending so much time together is a terrible idea personally and professionally.

What’s wrong with this scenario is that it is so public and has so many young impressionable eyes watching and unfortunately taking note. The possible reunion sparked criticism from friends and fans, many of whom worry that Rihanna is setting a bad example by keeping in touch with someone who physically abused her.

Let’s hope that even if they both do get back together, her fans will speak up and make it clear that violence against women is unacceptable and it doesn’t matter how many remixes Chris Brown and Rihanna decide to make together.

We love you Rihanna, but for this decision, we are throwing bricks.

Russell Brand is moving on from Katy Perry 2 months after divorce

Comedian Russell Brand, who was renowned for his bed-hopping antics before his shock decision to tie the knot with Katy Perry, is likely to let his womanizing ways get the best of him again.

Shortly after ending his 14-month marriage with pop star Katy Perry, he was reported to be dating a Mexican artist within two months of the divorce.

The funnyman is said to have met Mexican Oriela Medellin Amieiro during a yoga class in Los Angeles and he was allegedly spotted planting her a kiss before she skipped out of his car — wearing the same clothes from the night before. Pffft.

Whatever happened to respect for ex-spouses? Sweetheart Katy Perry must have felt humiliated and sickened to know he has moved on so quickly. And with that, there is more than enough reason Brand deserves a brick IN THE FACE.

Head scratching performance by Nicki Minaj on the Grammy Award Performance

Her performances have always been over the top, and she did it again, this time with an even weirder and head scratching stage rendition of an exorcism during her song “Roman Holiday.”

The stage rendition was dubbed to be a sheer theatrical lunacy, confusing and alienating to some simply because it was so frenetic and disjointed. This was especially so when the audience have not been given a clue or context to the semantics of her performance, which was supposedly an adaptation of the story of the 1970’s episode of exorcism of gay boy Roman.

The show kicked off with Minaj confessing her sins to a high priest in somewhat awkward acting, followed by a short clip showing her being called on by a priest to exorcise the demons out of her alter ego, Roman. The video revealed terrible acting and cinematography as if they did not invest in a budget for a clip to be aired on the Grammy. The whole performance just got weirder and weirder as Minaj underwent a fake exorcism on the dark church cathedral stage, dancing with monks and even speaking in tongues. As the eclectic performance came to an end, a staggering Minaj began to levitate into the air, rapping more inaudible lyrics from her new song.

Her shocking performance angered the Catholic League. Catholic League president Bill Donohue said “Perhaps the most vulgar part was the sexual statement that showed a scantily clad female dancer stretching backwards while an altar boy knelt between her legs in prayer.”

It seems that more artists are going down the route of creating controversy rather than focusing on the music.

I guess no one informed Nicki Minaj that the Grammys are all about good music. For this, we’re showering Minaj with bricks.

Adele scoops a whooping 6 Grammys!

Not that we’re surprised of course; her latest sophomore album ’21′, inspired by her own break-up with her boyfriend, is so relatable that it is loved by one and all. Adele captured the world’s heart and emerged as the top winner at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

It was no doubt she had made triumphant comeback after a vocal surgery last November, when she performed a breathtaking rendition of “Rolling in the Deep” on the Grammy stage. The star proceeded on to win six awards in one night, including ones for the best album, record and song of the year. Now, Adele ties the record for the most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in a year, replacing Beyonce’s record.

And since we absolutely adore this woman, we offer bouquets and bouquets as we eagerly await for her next single.

Lady Gaga’s Fight against Youth Bullying

When she was younger, Lady Gaga says, she was thrown into a trashcan, called profane names, and deliberately excluded from parties by her peers. Gaga was also recently deeply affected by the suicide of a young fan that was bullied in school.

Searching for ways to ease the trauma of adolescence for other kids, the singer has formally launched her Born This Way foundation at Harvard University, declaring its goal to nurture a congenial environment and empower youth to challenge meanness and cruelty.

The unusual partnership between a pop star and the Graduate School of Education at Harvard reveals something about the momentousness and weight of this project. It is a commitment put in by both parties and not just a clever gimmick to raise her popularity. Teenage bullying has always been linked to high rates of suicide cases and is also an impediment to education.

When asked why she feels that she is the one who will be able to enact such a change,

Gaga laughed, “I guess I sort of have this feeling that if I can make a song called ‘Just Dance’ that is really big all over the world, I might be able to make a song that’s, you know, ‘Just Be Nice!’

To the great attempt of her star power to improve the world, we shower Gaga with roses, kisses and xoxos.

How Joseph Kony’s fame changed our world

A week ago many people had never heard of a man named Joseph Kony; and now he may be one of the most famous people on the planet.

For twelve years, Kony has been abducting children and forcing them into his rebel army to conduct brutal slaughter of villages across Uganda, Congo and Sudan. He is a ruthless terrorist, the leader of The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Before, there was hardly any news about

him and there has been no international support or resources to fight this cause in the Ugandan community for the past twelve years when such atrocity continued to reign and terrorise families in Uganda.

Now, Kony has been removed from a veil of anonymity by an organisation called Invisible Children, thanks to the power of social media. Invisible Children’s strategy: Make Joseph Kony famous around the world and then provide Uganda with the resources to wipe out this blight on their country. They introduced an action plan that allowed average citizens to play a role in catching this most wanted criminal; by spreading the short film, “Kony 2012” on the Internet, asking viewers to spread the word on social networks.

The film has gone viral around the globe and as of this writing it has gotten almost 60 million views. What’s more is that celebrities and politicians

have joined the campaign to spread the word.

We can now lie in comfort knowing that it is indeed possible to shine the spotlight on injustice and bring a voice to the weak. Kudos to the determination of Invisible Children and the power of social media, they deserve more than bouquets.

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