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Bringing Runway To The School’s Walkway

As the New Year rolls in, Insomniac’s fashion writer, Chermaine Lee explores clothes options for the campus-going individual and the various ways to jazz it all up!

As we bid farewell to controversial fashion news in 2012 (who can forget Marc Jacobs dressed in a sheer outfit on the red carpet as well as Chanel’s extraordinary hula hoop bag), we welcome the up and coming interesting events in the fashion world in 2013. Am I the only one who’s excited to see what Alexander Wang can bring to Balenciaga? I’m definitely not going to act all hypocritical and say that I am a fan of Alexander Wang in Balanciaga. No doubt, he’s a talented designer who makes t-shirts look extra cool. However Balenciaga has such rich history and targets a more exclusive group of people unlike Wang’s collections; after all Balenciaga is a couture house. Well, with that said I’m definitely excited to see what Wang can bring to the table in 2013, perhaps he can actually increase the range of Balanciaga’s consumers given his commercial designs. 2013 is definitely going to be an exciting year for Balenciaga! There are many other things to look forward in 2013 as well. Jil Sander is returning to Jil Sander while Raf Simmons has left the fashion house after the fall ’12 women’s show. Hedi Silmane returns to YSL which is now called Saint Laurent instead of Yves Saint Laurent. So

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many new designers for the different fashion houses, how can we not be excited about it?

Well, for those of you who are not that much interested in the nits and grits of the fashion industry, no worries I’m going to share with you something much more relevant to most of you! Who doesn’t want to look good? Let’s take a look at the trends in the Spring Summer 2013 collection as well as cheaper high street alternatives and get all of you ready for school in the latest trend!

It’s all about graphic designs this season, either go bold or go home! Be daring and dress yourself up in graphic prints from top to toe, or for those of you who want to play it down a little, try getting yourself in a printed pants or a printed top for a start. For those who are bold, dress in full graphic prints that either matches or you can clash the prints for a more edgy feel. Graphic prints are full of personality and for those of you who are dying to express yourselves, graphic’s the way to go.

Remember the cropped jackets that were extremely popular in the 60′s? Well, it is time for you to dig out some of these or probably borrow it from your mum and rock it out this season. “Cropped outfits” has been occurring in many of the collections of various designers this season. From the cropped jacket by Chanel to the cropped tops by Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton ( which I cannot stop raving about) as well as Alexander McQueen’s absolutely brilliant crop trousers, it is all about cropping the top or bottom at a desirable hemline to show off some beautiful abs or stunning heels. Hem up your pants and shirts by one or two inches to show off those stunning stilettos or your perfectly toned stomach. What is there not to love about the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 cropped tops? They are absolutely beautiful. I have to confess that I have been so obsessed with it that I even see it in my dreams, the pieces are definitely day-dream worthy. Pair those cropped top with a mini skirt for the 60′s look, or if you’re the ‘All hipster girl”, you can always pair it with a pair of shorts for that added hipster touch. Being conscious of your not so toned tummy? Do not fret, just pair the cropped top with a high-waist shorts or skirt and your problem’s solved! The cropped pants are always so classy and chic, you can pair it with a feminine silk or chiffon top or you can go for the rocker chic look with a plain top and a leather jacket put on some killer heels and you’re ready to go.


You know how fashion from the past always has an impact on and inspire contemporary fashion? Well, the 80’s back, stronger and cooler. Iconic figures of the 80′s seem to be the inspiration for several fashion houses this season. In Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring Summer 2013 collection, he draws on the inspiration from all the iconic pop stars of the 80′s which includes Abba, Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. Remember the powerful shoulders from the 80′s where everyone walk around in thick shoulder pads? Well, the powerful shoulders are back with fashion houses like Lanvin and Roland Mouret accentuating the shoulders in their summer collection. To get the 80′s look, maybe you could fit a blazer with shoulder pads into your outfit for your next project presentation to give that shoulder a powerful uplift! Oversized tops were also the classic 80′s look, so put on some oversized tops with either a shorts or jeans and you’re all ready for school! However, despite the 80’s influence in this season’s runway, the 60′s is here to stay! Many fashion designers draw inspiration from the 60′s fashion, the micro minis, the colorful clothes and the shift dresses are all part of the classic 60’s look. So channel the inner 60′s sophisticated Audrey Hepburn in you to make a fashion statement this season!



For those of you party girls out there who love attention catching and glitzy outfit, this is your season. It is all about iridescence on the catwalk this season. From Giles to Christian Dior and Burberry Prorsum, the collections brings out the party girl in you whose all about glamour and stop people in their track wherever you go. Therefore, with such statement making pieces, all you have to do is to put on some stilettos or kitten heels for a more subtle look and you’re all ready to rock the party.



Stock up your wardrobe with the latest trends this season now! Mix and match to create your unique desired look and you’ll be ready to head to school, parties or just a shopping trip in your newly created chic outfits. As they say “New Year New You”, what more better to start on this new year resolution than through your outfits!

By: Chermaine Lee

Editor: Cherie Anne Lian

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