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Take a Break- Lomostyle

At this point in time, all you are probably thinking of is exams, exams, assignments, exams. However to save yourself from drowning in your own misery, how about pick up on a new hobby?

Some Highly Anticipated Movies of 2013 in Singapore

Clueless about 2013′s movie offerings? Insomniac’s Lifestyle writer, Irina Tjahjana brings you in-depth into the hottest picks of the year ahead! 1. Iron Man 3 Tony Starks; genius playboy philanthropist billionaire. With dashing good looks and

Gaming With Friends

Gaming With Friends

Here’s an alternative to the going-out-for-a-meal-then-watch-movie with your friends agenda. Play multi-player games instead! Watching movies is an inherently passive and rather individualistic experience (unless you are one of those people who talk to

A Look Back on Summer Sports Highlights

Are you, like millions of others around the globe, a sports fan? Or perhaps, you find it impossible to escape from the bevy of sports-related conversations among your friends? Or is your response, “What

Time-tested Celeb Couples

Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Heidi Klum and Seal, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – these are just the most prominent victims of the recent wave of celebrity break-ups and divorces that have been

Bricks and Bouquets

Bricks and Bouquets gives you the lowdown on the latest gossip and happenings of the week. To the noteworthy and inspiring stories and individuals (or just the ones that make us happy), we offer

Our Picks (aka your personal procrastination guide)

Book – Grimm’s Fairy Tales This collection of traditional fairy stories is the perfect light reading to dip in and out of for a break between mid-terms and essays.In 1812 the Brothers

10 Things You Didn’t Know: The Hunger Games

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read the books, do note that some of the below points discuss plot

Double Shots: Youtube Music Duos

Boyce Avenue, Sam Tsui and David Choi – these are just a few of the Average Joes Turned Video Stars on YouTube who leave us thanking God for our timely existence in the ‘Broadcast onlinemexican online
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