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We brew the best kind of coffee.

Insomniac x Jeremy Tay, volunteer

At first glance, Jeremy strikes one as quiet and introverted. Yet if you get to know him, you would find that he is a man with a big heart for people $ plavix warfarin Spreading

Insomniac x Nicholas Tan, Project Director of O-Week 2013

This is no rags to riches story, but Nicholas tells his own earnest tale of giving back to his faculty. Nicholas Tan, a Year 3 CNM major, is the upcoming project director for orientation

Insomniac x Beixin Lee, owner of Whimsical Alley

Like many female students of FASS, Beixin is a frequent visitor of blogshops. However, instead of remaining a shopper, she made the decision to set up one of her own. Her huge interest in

Insomniac x David Hoe, youth leader

It’s not hard to spot him in FASS. Armed with a bright red kiddy-looking backpack and rocking the punk look with a single earring, David’s dress style is an unusual combination to don in the

Insomniac x Oliver Reynolds, traveller

Oliver Reynolds is an exchange student from the chilly UK studying Geography here at NUS. He’s taken the ‘on exchange, must travel’ catchphrase of the exchangers to heart, having taken 25 flights since arriving

FASS Personalities

Behind the crowd of diversity lies the most interesting of stories. Join Insomniac as we get up close and personal with what seems to be mere faces in the crowd, but are actually portraits onlinemexican online
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