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Take a Break- Lomostyle

At this point in time, all you are probably thinking of is exams, exams, assignments, exams. However to save yourself from drowning in your own misery, how about pick up on a new hobby?

Fashion For Finals

As the most dreaded time of the semester is draws near, I’m sure most of you are busy mugging or completing the tons of assignments. In the midst of preparing for the finals, have Arztbericht

Food Hunt 2013: May the odds be ever in your flavour.

//Written by Sim Kai Lin and Marcus Pang On 23 March 2013, 200 food lovers took part in Food Hunt 2013, an annual event organised by FASS Club. It combined a national pastime (eating) and

What it means to live in the age of confessions

If you’ve never heard of NUS Confessions, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Get out from under that rock now. NUS Confessions is a Facebook page on which administrators – who are anonymous as

Series: Guide to Hawkerlicious Food!

Series: Guide to Hawkerlicious Food!

Every year when Food Hunt comes around, we are stuck on what to offer to our participants. So naturally, we come up with a list of good food that we swear by. Without further

Let’s go to the beach, Let’s go get away

Recess week is for all of us to take a breather, to get away from this hustling and bustling city. Well, if you’re all ready to do a little getaway and to head to

Valentine’s Day: How to avoid clichés and a hole in your pocket

Roses are red Violets are blue Flowers are uncreative Why not try something new? The long awaited – and also long dreaded, by some – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you are a guy, I’m

A (whimsical) Cafe “How To” Guide.

We all want that Parisian cafe experience. Sipping coffee (or your choice beverage) and nibbling artisanal desserts, on the sidewalk under a perfect blue sky & accompanied by cool breezy weather, making up life

6 Singaporean Dishes For the Gastronomically Adventurous Exchange Student

6 Singaporean Dishes For the Gastronomically Adventurous Exchange Student

Are you an exchange student in Singapore? Clueless as to how to navigate the bevy of delicacies available for your palate? Aletheia Tan helps you out by highlighting the top 6 must-try local dishes!   Rojak. Desserts

Bringing Runway To The School’s Walkway

As the New Year rolls in, Insomniac’s fashion writer, Chermaine Lee explores clothes options for the campus-going individual and the various ways to jazz it all up! As we bid farewell to controversial fashion onlinemexican online
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