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Create your own Adventure: Undergraduate Perils


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Turn to page 27. Your tutor

returns your term paper. B-. your Asian parents die of shame. Turn

to page 17. You are crushed by a notes slide. Turn to page 24. You failed finals. You wake up, reliefed. You wake up again. You are now late for your exam. Turn to page 10. You apply for SEP. Rejected. You apply for an internship. Rejected. You switch Major. Turn to page 93. Alcohol beckons, would you like to accept? Turn to page 312. You failed finals. Turn to page 29. One week to finals. Would you like to continue? Turn to page 17. You are now at Central Library. Go south, there are no empty seats. Go west. No seats. Go Northeast. NO SEATS. Turn to page 94. Your notes have been stolen. You go to IVLE. Access denied, IVLE has crashed. YOU CANNOT GO TO IVLE. Turn to page 18. Food. You need food. You need food NOW. Turn to page 36. Summer is just there. You reach out, almost reaching. But not quite. A paper beast stands in your path. GO ON. YOU CANNOT GO ON. Turn to page 102. There was no adventure book. This is your textbook. Turn to the next page. Read on. Read on.

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By: Soh Jacquelyn

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