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Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

This week has been a week of many things – The Iron Lady’s final send-off, the horrifying Boston Marathon bomb blasts, gold prices sliding to a new low and just in today, suspected nisin poison detected on a letter addressed to President Obama. It brings us pause in our daily routines, wondering if all that we aspire to and aspire for truly have a similar magnitude in the greater overview of life. But yet, this is our reality and we move on in our lives, knowing that there is an end to it and for that worthy cause, we continue to strive.

So yes, dear friends, we have come to Week 13 and the end of the semester. Finals loom menacingly and for some of us, they’re already knocking on our doors, given certain 100% CA modules. We stress out over the minute details and burn midnight oils incessantly, hoping that this is the last dash that could pull it up to a better grade. Or for some of the luckier ones, we know an A or an A- is imminent – Week 13 is simply a breeze. I wish I could say I was part of the latter group but alas, I too am burning the midnight oil everyday to date. Even so, we all need a break now and then because no brain is made to survive without pause.

If you need new ways to manage stress, our writers have their tips, at 5 Ways to Relieve Stress and Five Ways to Manage Stress. Wondering what’s in the mind of a student as they go through the adventures of educational perils? (Warning: Steel yourself.) We’ve got you covered over at Create your own Adventure. Ever wanted to find out more about Lomography as a hobby? Take a Break and check it out here! GIRLS, have you ever thrown on something for your exams and realized its totally inappropriate?! Our fashion writer takes you through this on Fashion For Finals! Our latest issue has all to do with the EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS but we do have other articles that ISN’T reminding you about the exams that might chill you out further. Take a look at Lund, The River Safari, NUS Confessions, Movies of 2013, Food Hunt 2013 and more!

With that, I end this last Editor’s Note for the semester. Thank you for your readership and support; we hope we’ve truly been your cuppa coffee of words through the days and the nights. Insomniac hopes to reach greater heights in the semesters to come and we’ve confident that we will see that come to fruition. One does not spurn the day of small beginnings. ;)

All the best folks!

Keep Calm and Study On,

Cherie Anne
Chief Editor
Insomniac Magazine

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