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Fashion For Finals

As the most dreaded time of the semester is draws near, I’m sure most of you are busy mugging or completing the tons of assignments. In the midst of preparing for the finals, have

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you begun to bother less about what you’re wearing to school or to put it simply, how you actually look? Who to say we can’t look chic with a busy schedule or with less time to bother about our outfits? The examination period is the best period of time to pull of your casual chic/ effortless chic look!

When you’re studying in the library or any cafes, it doesn’t hurt to look a little more polished, does it? You can always go for the effortless chic look and feel incredibly comfortable in what you’re wearing as well. Think Alexa Chung! I’m rather sure that the utmost importance when studying is that of comfort, at least for me. So, you’ll probably want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and not having to fuss around with fringes or tassels on your clothes. Therefore, a studying outfit staple would definitely be that of the sweatshirt! Sweatshirts are the most wonderful piece of outfit to put on in times when you’re

preparing for the examination. It keeps you warm and it is so comfortable as well. Topshop has one of the best sweatshirts around, they are all really cute and comfortable. The current collection by J.W Anderson is one not to be missed, with really cute prints on the sweatshirts. So, go ahead and get yourselves some sweatshirts to put on for a study day, pair it with a cute shorts and a pair of moccasins and you’re ready to go!

When the time for the examinations arrives, a pair of jeans are your best friend. Don’t you hate it when you feel really cold in the examination hall? So, put on some really comfortable jeans that can keep you warm and keep you looking good as well. Forget about the super short shorts that look less than flattering. A well-cut pair of jeans can make you look really good and fashionable as well. With the myriad of jeans designs in the market lately, I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits you well! I love my jeans in different shades instead of the usual blue denim ones. Printed jeans are really wonderful pieces as well and gives a pop to your outfit. All you have to do is to pair it with a plain loose fitting top and viola, you’re all dressed for your examinations. Zara has really good jeans that tend to fit really well and are extremely comfortable, not to mention there are varying colors as well. So, be sure to check it out for a good pair of jeans if you happen to be looking for one to strut down(maybe not literally) the examination hall.


Never compromise on fashion, because after all you do

have to wear something to the examination hall/when you’re out studying right? So why not make the best of it by dressing well and feeling comfortable at the same time? Amongst all the hectic and busy schedule, there’s

always still time to be a little dressy. Let’s face the impending our academic finals with an unmistakable air of confidence!

By: Chermaine Lee

Editor: Cherie Anne Lian

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