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FASS Personalities (II)

Diverse FASS Personalities (credits to Lee Szehong)

Behind the crowd of diversity lies the

most interesting of stories. Join Insomniac as we get up close and personal with what seems to be mere faces in the crowd, but are actually portraits of dreams and aspirations. In this second installment, we proudly release the next three of our ‘FASS personalities’ series, featuring Andre Tan, an A&F part-timer, May Ching, an archer and Shiya Chen, an aspiring photographer.

Because at FASS, we go beyond celebrating diversity for diversity’s sake. In truth, we’re celebrating you. You are part of the FASS personality. And we are all part-time students enjoying a life of passion and thrill, full-time.

Check out also the musings of our resident exchange student, Andrew Lim, ranging from his reflections on life in sunny Singapore to a political commentary on the Arab Spring.

As for finals, remember: don’t compete, don’t compare – aim to complete the race marked out for you!

Cheers to

the end of semester!

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