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Surviving D-Day – no I meant, V-Day

Valentine’s Day brings to mind romance, chocolates and the occasional reality of broken hearts – a day full of romance longed for and romance achieved. The arrival of Feb 14 brings with it the impartial company of rising stress levels for the romantically involved and the lonely alike. Whether you’re stressed over planning the perfect date, or hating on the love-struck couples on dates, Claire Henderson and Sandy
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Sum provide us with the ultimate Insomniac guide for surviving this media-fuelled day of love and longing.

The ultimate Insomniac guide is designed with all types of readers in mind, from the new love birds to the heartbroken and single. If you’re in a depressive mood as to how Feb 14 will pan out this year, this guide will introduce some last-minute optimism to your Valentine’s Day plans with recommendations for things to do, places to go, movies to watch and music to listen. Did we mention we’re thorough?

Things to do

  • New lovebirds:

If this is your first romantic holiday with your partner, it’s time to put your detective skills to work. Find out your partner’s expectations of an ideal Valentine’s Day. Covertly ask his or her friends – the thought will be appreciated and friends may carry forward good reports of your thoughtfulness to your date (which never hurts!). Put in a little planning and you will be rewarded.

  • If the other party is a romantic, he or she expects a big gesture. Surprise with flowers delivered! We know this is old school but flowers and surprises go well together. An alternative would be to make Valentine’s Day all about your other half: organise your day around his or her ‘favourites’.
  • If the other party constantly rages against the corporatism of Valentine’s day, he or she probably dislikes the over-commercialization of Feb 14. We suggest that you keep it small but intimate. Just because they don’t like the idea of Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you can’t show them how you feel. Get comfortable and personal by staying in and cooking, or hand-making a card or gift. Little gestures, not big ones – just enough to say that you like them but respect their opinions.
  • If the other party constantly chooses the healthy option all the time and talks about ‘needing to hit the gym’, he or she is probably on a diet. Do not buy them the giant box of chocolates. Seriously, anything but the big box! This should also go without saying: be sure not to mention ‘because you’re on a diet’ – that is relationship suicide. Silent appreciation is the best route.
  • Long term thing:

Billboards are telling you to do something ‘special’ – just like they do every Valentine’s day, followed by an advertisement for their ‘special event’. You may feel like you’ve already done everything right. Remember that the important thing is that both of you are doing it together. It can be a huge meaningful gesture or a relaxed night-in watching a favourite movie. As long as you’re together and making your other half the number one priority of the day, it doesn’t matter what you do (or even if you’ve done it before).

  • Heartbroken:

This is a tricky one and will depend on your emotional stability. Obviously we would love to see you move on into the ‘single and ready to mingle’ stage, but we understand that it will take time. So, for a while you may have to give in and indulge in a pity party. If you are really hurting, stay away from restaurants, cinemas or love fests. Going out with a group of friends to show off how unaffected you are may end up being no more than false bravado: no matter how large or fun a group you go out in, all you’re going to see is couple after couple. Don’t do it to yourself.

For those whose wounds are fresh, or just too deep to deal with, grab the ice-cream, tissues and a good old soppy movie and give in to staying in. We know it’s clichéd, but everyone knows it’s therapeutic!

P.S. This is best done with a fellow heartbroken friend or a sympathetic bestie! (Beware of it stretching out too long – even a bestie will lose patience if all you can talk about is him or her for months on end.)

  • Single and Ready to Mingle:

Get out there! You’re not going to find someone if you’re holed up at home. Gather a group of single friends, some yummy food and have a good giggle, or head for some lively nightlife to see if Valentine’s Day can be your lucky day after all. See below for our picks of the best places to go.

Places to go (or avoid)

Every Valentine’s day, there is an overwhelming number of offers and programmes thrown in your face. How do you choose, and how do you find the right place for you?

Loved up:
  • Singapore Flyer – Book well in advance to enjoy some intimate moments as you admire the impressive Singapore skyline together. They offer loads of different options – our personal favorite is the special Valentine’s flight with champagne and roses for $88.00. Or, if you’re making a big gesture, you can book a full butler-served, silver-service, four-course dinner for a mere $269++ per couple.
  • Pack yourself a picnic and head down to Marina Barrage or the Botanical Gardens and relax in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Go classic and head down to your local cinema. There’s something eternally romantic about sharing popcorn in a dark movie theatre while a cheesy movie plays.
  • For a gift and an activity all wrapped up in one cuddly package, the Build a Bear Workshop is perfect. You end up with a personal reminder of your special day as well as the fun memories of doing it together.

Long term thing:

  • Get competitive and try paintballing or go-kart racing to get your heart pumping!
  • If you really want to crank up the adrenaline, try reverse bungee jumping at Clark Quay.
  • Or you can go old school and try to recreate the most romantic experience the two of you have shared. Be it your first date, or the first time you said ‘I love you’ and really meant it, your partner will appreciate the gesture.
  • If you’re thinking of sealing your relationship with a sparkly ring, the Insomniac team vote 1-Altitude bar the best proposal site. Romance and elegance while looking out at all of Singapore – who could say no?
  • Succumb to your bed, under the covers with a nice laptop or movie on television. Organise an old school sleep over at a friend’s place. For girls, this will usually include gossiping and giggling over celebrity gossip and movies with gorgeous men. Junk food is a must, of which the epitome of perfection would be s’mores: take a cracker or biscuit, place chocolate and a marshmallow on top, buzz in the microwave for 20secs (careful that the marshmallow doesn’t explode) and then enjoy the squishy wonder that you have created. Experiment with make-up kits and tutorials from the latest magazines for make-over inspiration. The boys have it easy – a video game marathon that involves shooting stuff or kicking a virtual ball around will make everything better.
  • Indulge yourself and take the pity party to a fast food joint. Calories help to heal pain. It’s a fact.
  • An ice cream parlor will have similar cathartic benefits. Our favorite has to be a toss up between Ben and Jerry’s and Coldstone. Making your own ice cream concoction is a balm for the soul!

Single and ready to mingle:
  • Head down to your local coffee place with a nice romantic book and enjoy some ‘me’ time. You will never know just who you might bump into. We all have a secret desire to live out a love story like the one in Landon Pigg’s song, ‘Falling in love at a Coffee Shop’.
  • If you want to get out there and make yourself available, then Singapore’s nightlife won’t disappoint – from the heaving clubs to the various bars, you can at least take this opportunity to make new friends.
    • Zouk – Complete with huge dance floors and funky dance music, Zouk is perfect for those who want to dance the night away.
    • Butter FactoryAimed at providing a fun and alternative club night, you’ll find lots of R&B blended with alternative music and a real party atmosphere here.
    • AtticaWith a reputation as the exchange-student party hub, this perpetually packed club plays host to popular music, heaving dance floors and a diverse crowd. You’ll never know where your next partner could come from. Fancy an American, or even a Scandinavian…
    • Head underground to Home Club. This urbane club features street art and a love of dub-step and techno music, often mixed by world renowned DJs including Roni Size and Goldie.

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  1. steph February 17, 2012 Reply

    hahaha sandy, you always end up doing vday recommendations!(:

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