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Insomniac x Jeremy Tay, volunteer

At first glance, Jeremy strikes one as quiet and introverted. Yet if you get to know him, you would find that he is a man with a big heart for people

– helping people, specifically.

Affectionately known to his close friends as Remy, the Year 2 Psychology student is a member of the NUS Students’ Community Service Club (NUS CSC) and a committee member of its Regular Volunteering Programmes (RVPs). The CSC is a student society that promotes volunteerism through community service. He is part of a team of programme organizers who regularly plan activities to help the elderly, such as outings and games. Jeremy is also involved in several of CSC’s ad-hoc projects, such as Ethelontér IX and CSC Day IX.

An artist at heart, Jeremy finds great joy and satisfaction in drawing and designing. “Drawing is an integral part of my life,” he claims. During the recent CSC Day IX, an annual project which aims to bond beneficiaries and volunteers, he took on the role of design head, a role that proved

to be extremely rewarding.

“After everything was over, I was quite upset to see the props that we worked so hard on being thrown away. But when I heard that feedback for the designs was very positive, I knew that our hard work had paid off.”

But why volunteer? He states that he wanted to try something new, as he was in the performing arts in secondary school and without a CCA in JC. Moreover, he enjoys helping people, and NUS CSC provided a good avenue for students to volunteer. After attending an outreach programme organized by them, he was introduced to many of the regular volunteering programmes available.

As meaningful as it is, volunteering in the long run can get very draining. Thankfully, there are constant reminders around him that keep him going.

“You have to keep finding ways to motivate yourself. It’s a lot of commitment. Whenever I see the smiles on the faces of beneficiaries I’m reminded of why I’m doing this. I’m also encouraged by the presence of my friends and committee members, who volunteer alongside me.”

Jeremy’s service in the CSC has also been shaped by experiences and opportunities elsewhere. In 2012, he joined Arts Camp as an orientation group leader (OGL). This experience taught him the importance of stepping up and taking the initiative to do things. With the various councillors working under him, he learnt how to watch out for people and make sure that their experience was enjoyable and memorable. Now, even as he leads people in the organizing of various CSC activities, he continues to remain humble and approachable, ensuring that the welfare of others is taken care of.

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Joining CSC has enabled him to meet many people like himself. Indeed, CSC not only provides a platform through which students can help others in the community, but also brings together like-minded people who each possess a heart for serving others. Jeremy’s membership in CSC has allowed him to do what he is most passionate about – helping people, as well as find a place that feels like home for him.

“We’re like a family. We’re passionate about volunteering and are always there to help each other out. We also keep each other in the loop regarding various volunteering opportunities.”

Indeed he has found a family. And he hasn’t looked back.

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