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Insomniac x Nicholas Tan, Project Director of O-Week 2013

This is no rags to riches story, but Nicholas tells his own earnest tale of giving back to his faculty. Nicholas Tan, a Year 3 CNM major, is the upcoming project director for orientation week 2013 (or more commonly known as O-week).

Nicholas has received plenty coming into FASS through Arts Camp and staying in Kent Ridge Hall. The experience from being in Arts Camp was unforgettable, and it was through the camp that many valuable friendships were formed that tided him through school. Based on these factors alone, Nicholas was driven to take up the post of the O-week project director to once again recreate the wonderful memories he had in Arts


NUS opened many windows of opportunities to Nicholas and harnessed his interest in spinning as a Disc Jockey (DJ). Nicholas has since spun at Club Avatar and was also invited to be an event organizer at Avalon’s Spider Room. He has also gained experiences through planning events such as Food Hunt and Arts Bash and with these experiences, Nicholas intends to put them to good use to create a good

camp for the freshmen in this year’s O-week.

When asked how Nicholas was going about the preparation for O-week to ensure its success, Nicholas humbly replies that they key is to put together a competent team as he strongly believes that “the strength of an organization is in its ability to perpetuate itself within”. He plans to leverage on the abilities of his members in his orientation committee

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and through this, also hopes to nurture a group of good camp planners. He hopes that his members will gain a positive experience and do it again to better benefit the future generations.

In the interview, Nicholas also mentions some of the highlights of the camp for freshmen entering FASS this August. Apart from the usual events to look forward to such as Social Night, Beach Day and War Games, Nicholas and his team is also looking to infuse new elements. One of them is Mystery Night, a thrilling experience exploring the school along the lines of popular US drama television series, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), and another is an evolved version of Amazing Race.

Lastly, Nicholas wants freshmen to know that he intends to get rid of the notion that O-week is the more information-based and less boring cousin of Arts Camp. This upcoming o-week would be different from before so in his shout-out to freshmen, he urges all to come as classes change quickly and it is difficult to form meaningful friendships. Incoming freshmen should put aside their part time jobs and holiday plans to attend the O-week camp to forge new connections and lifelong friendships and he promises that it will all be worth it.

By: Mabel Yeo

Editor: Cherie Anne Lian

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