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Take a Break- Lomostyle

At this point in time, all you are probably thinking of is exams, exams, assignments, exams. However to save yourself from drowning in your own misery, how about pick up on a new hobby? Sometimes through thinking out-of-the-box, you’re able to take yourself out of this rut of tirelessly studying and apply a fresh perspective (no, logging on Facebook does not count).

I’ve always imagined myself sitting at a café with a sketchpad and pencils (or I suppose, a real artist would use charcoal) on a narrow street in Italy, drawing the picturesque scenery in front of me. After all, what better way to capture the vintage beauty of a vintage city than sketching? However, (I blame my genes for this) I cannot draw. So what do I turn to instead? One word, four syllables: Lomography. This is a photographic movement that started out 20 years ago, when a few university students in Vienna discovered old discarded cameras from the 60s and 70s. Today, this discovery has led to the creation of the Lomography brand which promotes analogue photography in all it’s filmy fun. Lomography offers you a wide variety of analogue cameras, accessories and film to rediscover photography from the good ol’ days. And best of all, a stroll down South Bridge Road in Chinatown will lead you to this little shop of wonder.

In this fast-paced world, does anyone even have the patience to wait for film to develop, you ask? No worries, that’s all part of the game! There is an anticipation and an excitement to see what comes out, as Melissa from the Lomography Gallery Store tells me as I chat with her after attending her workshop. She has been a Lomo enthusiast for a year. She works part-time at the Lomo Store, conducting workshops and organizing major events. Lomography has 10 golden rules, Rule 8 and 9 being “you don’t have to know what you’ve shot beforehand or afterwards either.” Take this picture for example.

Melissa: "This photo changed my view of Lomography, and ever since then, rules 8 & 9 of the 10 Golden rules of Lomography became to be very impactful on me: You don't have to know what you've shot beforehand, and afterwards either." This shot was completely unexpected, with no prior planning, and it turned out perfect. I've conducted workshops and created my own 'rules' based on this photo."

With the unlimited possibilities and the unpredictability of what you’ve captured, Lomography takes photography to a whole new level. So in fact, not being able to instantly see what you’ve captured can help you appreciate and open your mind to a whole new world of photographic opportunities. Melissa explains that being a student and working at the Lomo store is all about using time management skills- and it’s easy to see that when she’s at the store, she is 100% committed to Lomography, answering all questions that come her way during and after the workshop. It’s refreshing for the younger generations to see something from the past, at the same time, it’s interesting for the elder generations to see a renewed curiosity in something from their past, Melissa explains.

So why does she choose Lomography? It is a never-ending process, she says. Film photography is something that has existed for generations. Because of this, there is a whole community of analogue photographers from whom you can learn and grow everyday. Her favorite part about the Lomography online community, she explains whilst introducing the website during the workshop, is the ‘Magazine’ section where lomographers from all over the world share their tips allowing you to learn new things and extend networks across borders. It’s kind of like Facebook, but instead of being interested in your personal lives, your friends on the lomographic social network are simply interested in your art. (You can have a look at Melissa’s profile here!:

Melissa: "This photo was taken in Tokyo, and being someone who loves ferris wheels, I wanted to bring home a picture that would create a lasting impression, so instead of a regular single shot, I used the half frame function on my LC-Wde to capture this seamlessly-merged shot."

Looking back at the image of myself sitting in a street in Italy, in my hands I no longer see a sketchpad but instead see an analogue camera (the Diana F+ I got for my birthday). But, for now, I’m just as happy finding analogue magic in my everyday

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life in Singapore. When you think of taking a break from studying, do you think something simplistic as going to the nearby restaurant for lunch? Why not get out of your comfort zone and try picking up on a new hobby! Why not Lomography?

I took this picture during my first ever workshop (Melissa conducted it, actually!). I did not expect this shot to come out the way it did and because of this picture, I'm more confident in myself as a Lomographer.

By: Tanvi Rajvanshi

Edited by: Cherie Anne Lian

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