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Valentine’s Day: How to avoid clichés and a hole in your pocket

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Flowers are uncreative
Why not try something new?

The long awaited – and also long dreaded, by some – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you are a guy, I’m sure you have this predicament: Year after year, it gets increasingly difficult for you to keep purchasing the usual flower bouquets, teddy bears, and boxes of chocolates for your girlfriend because their prices skyrocket during this period, leaving you poor and frustrated.

And year after year, you ask yourself, WHY AM I SPENDING SO MUCH ON SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH MUCH LESS?

After all, flowers die, the effect of chocolates goes straight to her thighs, and there’s probably no more space in her bedroom for additional stuffed toys. Well, this Valentine’s day, why not be a little more creative, and get your special someone a little something different? Better yet, why not purchase a gift that is tailored to her unique personality? As for the girls, why not be fair and get something for him as well?



The Bodybuilder

When he’s not out spending time with you, he’s probably at the gym with his bros. You love him for his great personality, but let’s admit it girls – his buff exterior is particularly attractive to you because it makes you feel safe and secure around him. If you’ve never stepped into a gym in your life, your chance is here: Why not purchase a gym membership for two? This way, the both of you can spend more time with each other, and he can also do what he enjoys most. After all, he’s spent long periods of time waiting for you to try on clothes whenever you go shopping; it would be thoughtful on your part if you, likewise, spent some of your dates doing what he likes.


The Geek

The first thing that charmed you about him was his seemingly infinite pool of knowledge. A non-annoying version of Sheldon Cooper, he never fails to make you laugh with his deadpan humour and nerdy pickup lines. He’s extremely patient with you, especially when you struggle to differentiate between Marvel and DC characters. Make his day by getting him a Flash T-shirt! Well, that’s if he doesn’t already have it. If he already has one, which is likely to be the case, there’s always a Rubik’s Cube or BAZINGA! T-shirt. He’ll be ecstatic.


The Traveller

He’s wild at heart. He’s spontaneous. He’s adventurous. Whenever you go on a date with him, he always takes you to a place you’ve never been to. You know you’ll never be bored around him. The traveller is fun, thrilling, and unpredictable. He is also never seen without a watch. A good watch, in fact. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, consider buying him a handsome and water-resistant Timex Expedition watch, which would see him through all sorts of adventures.




The Bookworm

Never heard of the phrase, date a girl who reads? Now you have. Girls who read are kind, patient, and empathic. They are slow to anger and quick to forgive, because they understand that everyone is flawed, and you are no exception. This Valentine’s Day, delight her by presenting her with her second love (you being the first) – books. If you have trouble figuring out what kind books she likes, fret not, for there’s always book gift cards and vouchers. At Amazon, you can choose whichever amount you want to put in the gift card such that it accommodates your budget.


The Fashionista

It’s always difficult to pick out clothes for a fashionista, because you’re never sure of what she likes. Some fashionistas are up-to-date with the latest trends, while others start their own trends. Some prefer branded apparel, while others flock to blogshops for trendy and affordable wear. Before you tear your hair out in frustration and end up succumbing to buying flowers, why not get her something simple yet exquisite, like a bracelet? It’s hard to go wrong with such a small accessory that holds so much meaning.



Tumblr Girl

She’s a dreamer. She loves pastels, floral patterns, and any photo with soft lighting. An active reblogger on Tumblr, a social media platform that allows

people to display picturesque visuals on their blogs, she has grown to appreciate photography and artistic typography. Allow her dreams of taking Tumblr-beautiful photos to flourish by getting her an affordable toy camera. A good choice would be the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, a 35mm point-and-shoot film camera that is decently priced.



These are just a few ideas you can get for your special someone. The options are endless! Be as creative as you can, and surprise him or her with what you think best suits his or her personality.

Don’t forget, however, that the effort you put into finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift will be appreciated no matter what you end up getting. What’s ultimately important is the special relationship you share with each other. Refuse to allow one ‘special’ day of the year determine what you do or buy for that person; every day is an opportunity to remind this loved one how much you love him or her!

By: Jo-Ann Tan
Edited by: Nitya Chawla

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